New Beginnings


Happy new year friend! And welcome to my very first blog post of 2018. I took a really long break from blogging, but that’s neither here nor there lol that’s a story for another day. I really just wanted to come on here and talk about lists, resolutions and goals, as we perceive them based on the states of our mind and conditions of our heart.


I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions, but that’s because of my own personal reasons. I have nothing against such resolutions, I have just found it more effective for me to set daily realistic goals for myself, and when I smash those daily goals, it lends me the courage to set more short and long term goals that are fueled by the fire that is flamed from the tiny victories I achieve in my daily tasks. They say if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life believing it is dull. This is true, in my case, waiting till the 1st day of the year to make changes is really setting myself up for failure, and that’s why it is important for you to do things that work for you and not what everyone else is doing. If New Year’s resolutions work for you, go for it and if you’re like me and prefer the everyday, less daunting goals, that’s okay too. The goal is to be proactive and ultimately develop the best version of yourself over time.


One of the things that I will admit to really getting into and changing about my daily routine since the start of the new year, is really just taking an hour out of 24 for myself. Every morning, before I pick up my phone to examine social media, like it is the morning paper lol, I meditate for about half an hour and then set my intentions and goals for the day. I like to set three personal and three professional(work) goals that I absolutely have to achieve, by any means necessary. The personal goals help me develop my life and strengthen my resolve outside of work and school, then proceed to give me the necessary confidence needed to chase my “Pipe” dreams. The work goals help me become an efficient and proactive team member, and basically help me sharpen skills that will be beneficial in my career and work relationships. These goals can be as simple as,

·         PERSONAL; Exfoliate, read a chapter from a book, declutter my space.

·         Professionsal; Email director about an idea, issue in department, suggest solution to XYZ.

Little things like that, it really doesn’t have to be anything colossal, it just needs to be significant. The satisfaction gained from these wins, will motivate you to go for more, I promise.


As I mentioned earlier, I am by no means bashing New Year’s resolutions. I have just found that they do not work quite as well for me. Sometimes the goals are too daunting, making it difficult to either follow through, or not know where to start. Breaking them up into tiny pieces, taken on day by day makes it so much easier for me. There you have it folks, that’s my little contribution to the world on this lovely Saturday! Kindly share down below your favorite self-care routine and goal setting strategy. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

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