Affordable Skin-Care

Affordable Skin-Care

Hi Guys! I hope you’re well and taking care of yourselves, drinking lots of water and getting enough rest. Don’t you dare keep coasting through life, waking up and doing the same thing over and over again with life, school, bills and work, neglecting yourself. Self love is at an all time high folks, heck, there are numerous articles on how and why millennials are obessed with self-care. What we won’t do is apologize for wanting to take better care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I urge you not to let anyone ever make you feel bad for wanting to take care of YOU for a change. Man, just throw your hair up in a bun and pamper yourself, let’s explore some really affordable skincare products that won’t break your bank.

The secret to clear skin is really an entire system of love for self 

 I remember reading reviews and watching YouTube videos of some of the best skin care products on the market. I discovered some great products with raving reviews, I had to have them in my collection, but there was just one glitch, $$$$$, they were more than I was willing to spend on skincare at the moment. Yep, those products were far too expensive for me, I have mentioned in previous posts that my priorities have changed, $500 on skincare ain’t happening over here. Come on guys, if we have to be realistic, everyone can’t and/ won’t spend $100 on one bottle of moisturizer or face wash. Those that can afford it, more power to you and for those that can’t, I got y’all.

“Eat well, rest enough, drink lots of water and don’t allow negative energy to seep through to your soul”

Those exhorbitant prices made me start experimenting with different drugstore products/brands, stuff I could pick up at Target, Bjs, bodyshop,amazon or even Tjmaxx. I would read the main ingredients of some high end one and then compare them to the drugstore brands below and test them out. I have compiled a list of products that I use often that have nourished my skin and are a huge part of my skin care routine. They are each under $15 and work just as well. You don’t have to spend $$$$$ to have great skin, you just need to be consistent and gentle with yourself. Glowing skin is a combination of factors, you have to eat well, rest enough, drink lots of water and don’t allow negative energy to seep through to your soul friends! I hope you try these out and they work just as well for you 🙂  


You can get all these products at your local beauty supply store, amazon, CVS. You don’t have to break bank ladies, remember that true beauty radiates from within, take care of that first. The secret to clear skin is really an entire system of love for self. Below are some links to the products highlighted above.

Loreal Mask CleanserBodyshop TeaTree Face washBodyshop TeaTree Scrub,

 Aveeno Cleansing Pads Healing clay maskSheet MaskGarnier Micellar Water Aveeno moisturizerBlistex .

  • Fatima

    Drum roll please ☺️ the kitty is finally out of the bag. Thank you for sharing these luscious tips. I thought I was frugal and felt bad for not spending a pretty penny on these luxurious skin care products, but I am happy to know that I can achieve angelic skin care goals (you).

    • Babes, don’t ever feel bad for having other priorities. I am very shameless in my pursuit of good quality on a budget lol there is a world of products out there that don’t cost a fortune that do the trick. Let me know hw you make out with some of these. Xxx

  • With time I have come to understand the importance of skin care and love to experiment with products especially from tk Maxx. At the moment am loving masks . How do you use the apple cider vinegar . Don’t think it’s available in the Uk. Like isn’t it harsh on skin ?

    • Yes, it plays a huge role in the aging process, which we all wish we could escape lol. I am glad we are learning how to do that earlier on in our lives versus scrambling around in our old age trying to get rid of wrinkles lol. I mix the apple cider vinegar with the clay mask, I’m sorry I should have mentioned that. The clay mask balances it out nd it is more useful than harmful to your skin. You should try it out. You can order it on amazon I believe, or use any other form of apple cider vinegar, doesn’t have to be this brand.