Your Time is Coming

One Thing’s For Sure

Life is TOUGH. I know it gets hard sometimes, you want to give up on your journey and your dreams. You have been working at it for far too long and it’s not paying off, YET. The days keep getting harder and harder and there seems to be no end in sight. You try everything and you seem to hit a dead end every single time, you wanna give up but this is not the time to do that. This is when you need to work even harder and push even further than ever, putting God at the center of it all. Do not waste your precious time feeling sorry for yourself, this breeds nothing but more frustration.


Remember this, Rome was not built in a day. It took years of persistence, perseverance and consistency to build. This is also true with our lives. It’s easy to lose yourself in the noise, to look to your neighbor and feel a twinge of envy at what they have achieved, then question your own pace, feeling like a failure, or nobody. You forget that what you are seeing is their success, they too have a background and private struggles. It is very important to celebrate another’s success and never question your own path while doing so. It’s their time, yours is coming.

Rest In This

I want you to know that everyone’s journey is different, we each have individual paths that have been carved out for us by our creator. Your hard work, consistency and perseverance is never in vain. Trust and believe that God’s timing for your life will be one for the books. Everything you’re going through is preparing you for the life he has ordained. Hold fast to his promises and his word, he will make your path straight and the wait will be worthwhile. Keep doing what you’re doing, “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready”, and watch the Lord deliver on his promises when you least expect it. Remember to do your best in all you do, no matter how little or great the task, this never goes unnoticed to the people God has put on your path to help you reach and fulfill your destiny.

Put one foot in front of the other, slow and steady, following your own unique path. Focusing only on that which concerns you, remembering to love your neighbor as yourself and watch the Lord’s promises unfold before your eyes. Put all your energy into your daily tasks, these are the building blocks of your life, the cells that make up the body of your dream. Acknowledge your challenges, but do not accept them as the final word or destination, they are but stumbling blocks, necessary for your growth and development. Reminder that flowers need both sunshine and rain to bloom. Use these challenges as reference and fuel to keep going.

More Importantly

One thing you should bear in mind through all this is; “DO NOT to use prayer as a substitute for hard work”. When you set your goals, work at them daily and God will meet you halfway. And when your plans fall through, know that he is faithful to wreck them before they wreck you, this may all sound like the clichés we see and read everyday on the internet but it is nothing but truth, truth that has stood the test of time. There are many men and women of God in the Bible who can testify to this, I don’t need to use myself as reference lol. So say a prayer of thanks when things don’t work out because eventually, it all makes sense as to why that path was blocked, the size of his blessings will always exceed your wildest dreams and expectations.

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive week, filled with goals checked off one by one by Friday!

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